Guiding the cannabis curious.

We believe when you start something new, it’s best to start slow. That’s why we work with select Spokane retailers to group relaxing and medicinal cannabis products—so your first experience with cannabis is a positive one. Just find a participating retailer near you below, stop in, and ask for Greenlight.

About Greenlight

Studies show some 33% of adults over 21 are interested in cannabis. With numbers like that, we saw the need to make sure new users start off on the right foot. And our organizing principles help us find the best products and strains, just for you.

The Retail Experience

You’re not the only curious one. So whether you need some more information before stopping in, or the confidence to work one-on-one with a participating retailer when you get there, we’ll make sure you’re prepared, confident and taken care of.

“Can I get health or relaxation benefits without an overwhelming head high?”

“I’ve always heard about the medicinal benefits of cannabis so I thought I’d try it out for myself. Since using, I’ve found an alternative to pain medication for my back, without any risky side-effects.”

-Carol, 41, Nurse | Topicals 

“With my career field, I have to depend on a sense of creativity. Greenlight Approved paved the way to finding products that have actually helped me hone my creative thinking, while also keeping me focused and energized.”

-Toby, 35, Architect | Inhalants

“Some of my friends are regular cannabis users, but I never got into it. I thought it would make me feel out of control or just tired. But Greenlight Approved helped me find products that are stress-relieving, much like a glass of wine after a long day.”

-Sam, 55, Business owner | Edibles

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