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We believe when you start something new, it's best to start slow. Gather all the information you can to make a safe informed decision. Let Greenlight Approved be your guide so your first experience with cannabis is an educated, safe and positive one. To find a participating retailer near you use the box provided here.

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At Greenlight Approved, it is our mission to guide you through the cannabis experience and help you become an educated consumer. Let us help you better understand consumption and product options available at retail so you are prepared for your store visit.

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-Sarah, 36, Customer Service Supervisor | Edibles

“During the workday, I find myself feeling anxious and overwhelmed. It was becoming a distraction. Greenlight Approved provided information that gave me confidence to try cannabis. The retailer near me was really helpful and great.”

-Sarah, 36, Customer Service Supervisor | Edibles

-Mike & Linda, early 60's, Sales/Office Manager | Inhalants, Topicals

“Getting older, we found ourselves dealing with a series of issues: restless sleep and joint pain at the top of the list. Cannabis as an option? We were both skeptical, but it worked for each of us. It might work for you too.”

-Mike & Linda, early 60’s, Sales/Office Manager | Inhalants, Topicals

-Toby, 35, Architect | Inhalants

“With my career field, I have to depend on a sense of creativity. Greenlight Approved paved the way to finding products that have actually helped me hone my creative thinking, while also keeping me focused and energized.”

-Toby, 35, Architect | Inhalants

-Sam, 55, Business owner | Edibles

“Some of my friends are regular cannabis users, but I never got into it. I thought it would make me feel out of control or just tired. But Greenlight Approved helped me find products that are stress-relieving, much like a glass of wine after a long day.”

-Sam, 55, Business owner | Edibles

-Mackenzie, 28, Graphic Designer | Inhalants, Edibles

“Greenlight Approved was on the radio and I checked it out. I was looking for something to help me relax but not get me high. I learned about options and found a retailer close by my house. It was easy and the store staff really listened to me.”

-Mackenzie, 28, Graphic Designer | Inhalants, Edibles

-David, 74, Hunting/Fishing Guide | Topicals

“I have had an active life and want to stay that way. My knees have been an issue in recent years. I read about cannabis creams and the store near me had several options. I tried it and have to say I am impressed with the results.”

-David, 74, Hunting/Fishing Guide | Topicals

-Carol, 41, Nurse | Topicals

“I’ve always heard about the medicinal benefits of cannabis so I thought I’d try it out for myself. Since using, I’ve found an alternative to pain medication for my back, without any risky side-effects.”

-Carol, 41, Nurse | Topicals 

-Nancy, 66, Volunteer | Inhalants, Topicals

“When I was sick the [prescribed pharmaceutical] treatment gave me nausea. I was open to cannabis. I tried several products and found one that worked well for me. I am healthy today and discovered cannabis could also help with my joint pain.”

-Nancy, 66, Volunteer | Inhalants, Topicals

About Greenlight Approved

Welcome to Greenlight Approved, the definitive guide for the cannabis curious. Studies show 34% of Americans 21 and over are interested in and open to trying cannabis but currently are not acting on that interest. With numbers like that, we saw the need to develop an environment that discusses inhibitions and builds confidence to make sure new consumers start off on the right foot. Our organizing principles help you understand the wide range cannabis consumption options, products available and a select network of retailers devoted to serving the unique needs of new users or those returning to cannabis after a long time away.

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