50 Million Americans a Year Get Acne. Cannabis Can Help

Acne and other skin conditions are among the most common medical conditions worldwide. According to the American Academy of Dermatology one in 10 people will develop atopic dermatitis during their lifetime and in the U.S. 7.5 million people have psoriasis. Most common, however, is acne which effects up to 50 million Americans per year.

CBD for skin conditions

At least two studies suggest that the skin has a functional endocannabinoid system – cannabinoid receptors – and several more suggest that cannabis-derived products, namely CBD and cannabis seed extract, might be a tool in the treatment of many skin conditions.

Some companies have already jumped on the trend

CBD is believed to be an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant but research regarding its effectiveness as a skin care product is still quite limited; however, this hasn’t prevented companies from developing salves, soaps, lotions, cleansers and other serums and raw oil products. For two weeks Rachel Lapidos, a wellness blogger, gave up her entire skin care routine for CBD products and proclaimed her skin was better for it (and she’s not alone). Moreover, CBD products are free of acids and other chemicals that might actually cause skin breakouts in some people.

Quality CBD products work best for Acne

It is worth noting that CBD products are mostly unregulated which has led some unscrupulous manufacturers to mislabel their products and since there are no definitive studies to prove what CBD doses are most efficacious for treating skin conditions like Acne. A 2017 study by Penn Medicine found that 70 percent of CBD products were, at that time, mislabeled. Marcel Bonn-Miller, the lead author of the Journal of the American Medical Association-published study, told New York Magazine that to assure consistency “is to call the companies up and ask what they do” to ensure product reliability.

However, in most mature markets there is so much competition that lesser products are weeded out and most offer their laboratory testing results.

THC likely won’t help what ails your skin

There is no evidence to suggest that THC-rich products have any positive impact on skin conditions and most cannabis-derived skin care products will contain little to no THC; although some companies offer products rich in both THC and CBD. Conversely, there is also no evidence that THC has any potential negative effects on the skin, so products in legal states that contain THC won’t have adverse consequences for your skin or have any psychoactive effects.

The thing is there isn’t much risk

If you’re someone who suffers from any skin condition, you’re fully aware that some products work for you and some just don’t – and the same applies to cannabis-derived products regardless of the CBD content. Unless you are allergic to one of the other ingredients in the product (check the labels!) you likely won’t experience any severe adverse effects from using a cannabis-derived skincare product – there are scant reports suggesting negative side effects to using CBD skincare products.

It’s worth noting, though, that cannabis-derived products often contain pronounceable all-natural ingredients but those with already oily skin should avoid oil-based products.

Finding Cannabis products should be relatively easy.

Last year’s federal Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp throughout the U.S. and much of the world allows CBD products to be freely bought and sold. Even before that, the majority of U.S. states had legalized industrial hemp for either research or commerce meaning hemp-derived CBD products are likely already on store shelves in many states – and if they are not you can legally purchase them online; including at major pharmacy chains.

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