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Celebrating the health benefits of cannabis

Our team is driven by the knowledge that relaxation and pain-relief benefits abound with cannabis and its wide range of uses for improved health. From muscle and joint pain, nausea, headaches to anxiety, stress or sleeplessness, we’ve made it simple for you to find cannabis products that can help improve your quality of life. And we’re passionate about helping you explore and understand these options with confidence, safety and trust.

What Makes a Cannabis Product Greenlight Approved?

When You Try Something New, We Suggest You Start Low Dose and Go Slow

When it comes to finding products for you, we have established a set of organizing principles that focus on low-THC and high-CBD products as well as more discreet consumption options free of the smoke and odor often associated with cannabis use. In plain terms, products from Greenlight Approved partners will produce a more relaxing, body-calming and pain-relieving effect, rather than the cerebral high. So, you’ll start with a low dose and slowly over time determine what products and amount work best for your health or need for relaxation. That way, any consumption option and product type you choose from participating Greenlight Approved retailers will offer an effortless, comfortable and personal experience.

Find Your Type


Growing in popularity, edibles are cannabis products often in the form of candy, baked goods, and even infused into drinks.


A more traditional method, a number of inhalants give you relaxing cannabis strains that can be inhaled through smoke-free vaporizer pens.


Often used for targeted relief, topicals are cannabis-infused lotions, oils and balms that can offer immediate relief to sore muscles, cramps and headaches.

Not Sure What Product is Right for You?

Our product finder is designed to simplify the wide range of cannabis consumption options and product categories, so you can explore what best meets your specific needs and lifestyle. It’s our mission to guide you through the cannabis experience and help you become an educated consumer. Get started with our product finder today.

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