The possession and use of cannabis remain federal crimes, and neither Greenlight Approved nor any of its partners or affiliates may be held liable for any criminal arrest or prosecution you may experience as a result of your possessing, using, cultivating, manufacturing, or distributing cannabis. Cannabis also remains illegal in many states, and even in those states in which it is legal, there are restrictions on what is and what is not legal as related to cannabis. It is your sole responsibility to determine and comply with all applicable legal or regulatory requirements and restrictions imposed by your locale.

Greenlight Approved provides information for consumers to educate themselves on cannabis. We use a set of organizing principles designed to enable consumers to better identify cannabis products that are high in cannabidiol (CBD), low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and available for consumption without requiring inhalation. We partner with retail outlets licensed in Washington State and we encourage retailers to organize their product selection around these principles. However, Greenlight Approved does not test or certify specific cannabis products, and the retailers shown on this site are solely responsible for the products they sell.

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