Frequently Asked Questions

New things take time to learn. Here are a few questions we get asked often. Don’t see your question here? Associates at our participating retailers can help you.

Can I get health or relaxation benefits without an overwhelming head high?

Yes. Cannabis has a wealth of health, stress reduction, and pain relief benefits. Studies show that the plant and its vast array of compounds can help with a range of ailments as common as back pain and stress relief or as severe as seizures. All without the psychoactive chemicals known for producing the well-known head high.

How do I know what kind of product is right for me?
If you’re unsure whether an edible, topical, or vape pen is right for you, our participating retailers have you covered. Trained associates, only at these Greenlight Approved participating retailers, can help you find something just right for your lifestyle, needs and preferences. Just stop in and talk with someone, one-on-one.
Smoking doesn’t fit my lifestyle; what are my other options?
There are plenty of alternative methods for using cannabis. That’s why we’ve selected edibles, vapor, and topical products for those who aren’t interested in traditional smoking methods.
I don’t like the way cannabis makes me feel. How will this be different?
We specifically look for high-CBD and low-THC products for this very reason. That means you’ll get all of the relaxing and relieving benefits without the high.
How long will it take once I get to a retailer?
It depends. It can be a quick process, or there might be a wait. Our pro tip: Since you are new or returning to cannabis your visit might take a little more time. It’s best to avoid making a trip from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. so retail associates can work to meet your needs without the pressure of a line.
Can an associate help me find a product for specific health needs?
Absolutely. They are able and ready to take you through their shop’s offerings of Greenlight Approved products that can help with a range of concerns or needs.

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