Feeling Stressed? These 4 Products May Give You a Boost

As stress and anxiety become ever more a part of the daily standard for many of us, research suggests targeted and moderate use of cannabis-based products is one path to therapeutic relief to such angst.

New CBD Products for Sale

There are times when the body aches, times when the mind aches and times when it would be nice to get a protracted bit of sleep. And there are strong indications that a number of new cannabis products, most of them with high CBD-to-THC ratios available for sale, can help fill in the blanks.

Topical application to soothe aches

With CBD known to have anti-inflammatory properties, it can be a relief at the end of a long day’s work (or play, for that matter) to apply some REWIND ointment to that day’s aches. REWIND is a mixture of THC and CBD along with turmeric, black pepper and clove oil. It is, like all other cannabis-infused topicals, non-psychoactive. Simply put, it’s impossible to get “high” from application to the skin.

CBD ointment for pain

Dermatologist Shereene Idriss, talking to The New York Times earlier this year, discussed studies demonstrating the efficacy of CBD-based lotions and ointments, and said when you use “CBD lotion that also has THC in it, it’s going to help you much more with pain relief.”

Good-to-the-last-drop beverage mixers

At the end of the day, when it’s time to wind down, the addition of a capful (1/2 teaspoon) of a cannabis-infused concentrate such as ZootDrops Kick Back Blend to your favorite beverage might just be the perfect tonic.

Medical marijuana drops

This wonderful additive is a combination of chamomile, lemon and green tea. Its addition as a mixer in tea, soda, coffee, water or any beverage might well have the desired mellowing impact. The ZootDrops formulation meets the Washington State Department of Health’s voluntary standards for higher quality medical marijuana products, standards that are designed to exclude pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins.

Chilling at the desk

There are times when it’s right and necessary to have that special sugar rush that comes from dipping into that stash of that favorite candy you keep at your desk. There’s also time to chill just a bit at work, and then you might want to give Magic Kitchen’s CBD Pebbles a try.

THC candy effects

Hard candies have a quicker uptake time than other forms of edibles with THC, which allows the consumer to feel the mild euphoric effect more quickly.

Magic Kitchen’s CBD Pebbles contain less than 2mg of THC per serving, so you won’t have to be concerned about the THC “high” that comes from ingesting the candies, making them also good for nights when you’re having trouble sleeping. The candies are available in raspberry, apple and watermelon flavors and the feeling of relaxation will last from four-to-six hours.

A touch of smoke

A product of two CBD-intense roots, Cannatonic and South Tsunami, Canna-Tsu is the next step in the road to mellow impact and mental clarity. It has been tested to have a CBD-to-THC ratio of 24:1, making it ideal in those seeking to deal with stress or anxiety without getting any unwanted “high” sensations.

High CBD to THC ratio

Liberty Reach’s success in getting a 24:1 ratio of CBD to THC in a Cannabis flower, has gotten positive reviews including Northwest Leaf saying it was the “most exciting CBD” product it has seen in months and adding “smoking the flower delivers a smooth and pleasant hit, with a nice burn rate that produces big, fat tokes of CBD-rich smoke.”

The next time you feel the world is stressing you out, go to www.greenlightapproved.com and find a nearby Greenlight Approved retailer and ask for one of these products. And feel the stress leave your mind and body.

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