Getting Started is As Easy As 1-2-3

Your Game Plan

Getting Started is As Easy As 1-2-3

This simple step-by-step Getting Started section will educate and empower you to make wise decisions based on your own specific needs. When you visit Greenlight Approved a retail partner you will be informed and ready.

Healing without the High

For many new cannabis consumers, the psychoactive “getting high” side effects of cannabis from THC is unwanted; wellness and health related benefits are the desired outcome. Others don’t mind a relaxing experience with a slight “head high,” like more familiar substances such as alcohol.

Greenlight Approved retail partners offer a wide range of product offerings to address a broad base of needs without the psychoactive “high” effect. Think about it as “healing without the high.”

What You Need to Know About CBD and THC

Before you get started, it’s important to be familiar with the active ingredients of cannabis. Although scientists have identified more than 100 cannabinoids (compounds found within the cannabis plant), the most common and widely known are CBD and THC.

  • Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a component in cannabis that provides many medicinal benefits but does not cause a psychoactive “high.” No matter how much you consume, CBD will not alter your perception or get you “high.” In fact, CBD seems to have a dampening effect on how THC makes you feel.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly referred to as THC, is the ingredient in cannabis that creates the psychoactive “high” side effect. THC also has medicinal value.

Our bodies were literally built to recognize and bind with the chemicals in cannabis. Some people have the mistaken belief that CBD is the “good ingredient” and THC is the “bad ingredient.” This simplistic approach is not only incorrect, it may prevent you from receiving effective symptom relief.

The bottom line: THC is not something to be feared; it is something to be understood and properly managed to suit your personal wellness regimen.

The Entourage Effect

CBD and THC work much better together in what is called the entourage effect. The whole plant acts in concert to create a synergetic therapeutic effect.

For cannabis to be truly effective, the informed consumer will search for products that have a ratio of both CBD to THC. Depending on your age, desired wellness needs and tolerance, your CBD to THC ratio will vary.

Finding Your CBD to THC Ratio is as Easy as 1-2-3

Greenlight Approved has developed a Game Plan designed to ease your way into the cannabis wellness experience with confidence. The step-by-step approach allows you to experiment with cannabis without fear of unwanted side effects. “The correct dose is the lowest that produces therapeutic benefit without associated adverse effects,” says Dr. Ethan Russo, a Seattle-based cannabis researcher.

It’s All About the Ratios

When getting started with cannabis begin with Step 1 for one full week. If your unique needs are met, then that is where you should stay, experimenting with other Step 1 products and consumption options. If you feel like you need more relief and experienced no unwanted psychoactive “high” effects in Step 1, then progress on to the options in Step 2 each for one week. Again, if your needs are met you can stop. There is no requirement to progress through all three steps. However, many new users will progress to Step 3 and beyond to find the right ratio and potency to best meet their needs.

Look for the Icon

Greenlight Approved has established a simple easy to identify icon system for each step. This system is the standard for how low-dose cannabis products are identified by and recommended to new users entering the retail market.

The Find the Right Product for You section and Product Selector organizes cannabis by consumption options and products into each of the Steps 1-2-3 so you can prepare for your visit to a Greenlight Approved retail partner. Only Greenlight Approved retail partners and brands have adopted the Steps 1-2-3 in-store to best guide your shopping experience.

Microdosing Cannabis

As you explore what product and step is right for you to achieve “healing without the high,” microdosing with cannabis is something to explore. Dr. Dustin Sulak, an osteopathic physician and integrative medicine physician based in Maine, says the goal is simple: “Use the minimal amount of cannabis needed to achieve the maximum benefits. Using too much cannabis will decrease its effectiveness and increase its negative side effects,” Sulak warns.

Mircodosing can be thought about in two ways:

  1. Take a smaller dose of your preferred cannabis product at different times throughout the day to best address your unique needs.
  2. Break a 10 mg serving into smaller increments. For example: Break a 10 mg chocolate into 4 sections and consume those smaller sections as needed. More and more products are becoming available in 5 mg and 2.5 mg options, so the work is done for you.

Vape Pen Technology: Microdosing Made Simple

For those who prefer inhalation, vaporization device companies, such as PAX, have developed cannabis vape products such as the PAX Era model that have a mobile app that allow users select the desired dose level, making a microdose simple and precise every time.

Time of Day

Timing, as they say, is everything.

Time of day is important for many reasons and what and how you consume cannabis will help determine when. For example, if even small amounts of THC make you feel slightly impaired, you certainly don’t want to do it during your most productive hours. CBD-rich cannabis products – which don’t provide the psychoactive “high” effect that THC does – works well for many daytime wellness programs such as pain management, mild anxiety and stress.

During Daytime Hours

Most of us have jobs or responsibilities that require us to be clear headed for most of the day. If you are new to cannabis, you will likely find that higher levels of THC may adversely affect your abilities.

  • Step 1 cannabis products with a 10:1 ratio of CBD to THC or above could prove to be effective during the day for many wellness needs.
  • Low-dose edibles such as a mint are often available with only 5 mg or 2.5 mg of THC and are a good option for people on the go who can tolerate small amounts of THC.
  • Topicals (lotions, creams, balms, etc.) are excellent options for pain relief throughout the day. Apply as needed without the fear of adverse side effects – topical applications of cannabis are never psychoactive.
  • Small inhalations from a cartridge-based vape pen during the day offer portability and can easily be used to modulate a dose, provided the cannabis cartridge you purchased has your Steps, selected CBD to THC ratio.

During Nighttime Hours

For many of us, cannabis is an effective sleep aid. So, after dinner and at least an hour or two before bed time, it may be optimal to try a CBD:THC ratio a little heavier on the THC spectrum. Depending on your needs, is you are a Step 1 user you may consider a Step 2 product with a 5:1 or 2:1 ratio for optimal sleep, relaxation and pain relief. For most cannabis consumers, greater psychoactivity is not an issue while you are asleep.

Greenlight Approved Getting Started is As Easy As 1-2-3. The Game Plan.
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