Sativa Sisters – Spokane

10525 E Trent Ave.
Spokane Valley, WA 99206

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At Sativa Sisters our goal is to provide quality cannabis for the coinsurer. Whether it is for a first time user or a lifelong veteran, we strive to provide the best products with the best experience for those we serve. We focus on education, both for our staff and our customers in order to accomplish this mission.

Date established: August 2014

ATM: Yes

Monday–Saturday 8AM–10PM
Sunday 9AM–9PM

Summer Hours (Starting in June):
Monday–Saturday 8AM–11PM
Sunday 9AM–9PM


Moon Cycle 1:1 Balm
CBD Recovery Lotion
Renew 1:1 Balm
Dragon Balm 1:1
THC Relax Balm
Relief 1:1 Lotion with Emu oil
Bath Salts:
▪ THC Soothe Bath Salt
▪ THC Moon Cycle Bath Salt
▪ THC Revive Bath Salt

Bodhi High
THC Topical
CBD Topical

Flex All CBD Cream
Flex All Lavender CBD Cream
Olive Oil 400mg

Body Buzz
MM Salve

Sticky Budz
Restore Lotion 1:1
Relax Lotion 1:1
Revive Lotion 1:1

Washington Packaging
Bath Bomb 2-pack 1:1
Bath Bomb 500mg 1:1
Bath Bomb 1000mg 1:1

Velvet Swing 100mg Personal Oil


CBD Slip

Zen Capsules
Relief Super CBD Capsules

2:1 CBD Tincture
5:1 CBD Tincture
Beauty Sleep Tincture
Relief 250mg 50:1 Tincture
Lemon Ginger Mint 100mg CBD
CBD Serum
Sativa Serum
Indica Serum

Peppermint Mints THC 100mg-40 count
Lemon Lime Mints THC 100mg-40 count
Tart Cherry Mints THC 100mg-40 count

Henderson Distribution
CBD Tincture
CBD/Sativa Tincture
CBD/Indica Tincture

Mirth Provisions
Cranberry 100mg 1:1

Odd Duck

Dark Chocolate 100mg 1:1
Coffee Chocolate 100mg 1:1
Mint Chocolate 100mg 1:1
Orange Chocolate 100mg 1:1
Variety pack 40mg 1:1

Raven Grass
Mr. Blue Sky Coconut Oil Magic 2:1

Verdulex Chocolates
Milk Chocolate Bon Bombs 100mg 1:1

Washington Packaging
1:1 Capsules

CBD Variety Pack
Cinnamon Rocks
Lemongrass Rocks
Berry Rocks
Caramel Rocks
Apple Rocks


Vape Cartridges
Avitas Avitonic CBD Cart
Avitas Harlequin Cart
Flav Sour Tsumani Cart
Flav White Widow Cart
Landrace AC/DC Cart
Optimum Remedy CBD Cart
NuGreen Shiatsu Cart
LeafWerx Suzi Q CBD Cart
LIT AC/DC Disposable Vape Pen
Circanna CBD Cart
Cannasol Cashy’s Honey CBD Cart

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