Satori North

9301 N. Division St.
Spokane, WA 99218

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Satori MJ North is a recreational & medical marijuana shop located on the North side of Spokane. We carry a vast variety of products for beginners & pros alike. Satori is all about taking the time to educate our customers, to best ensure we find what fits their needs.

Hours: 9am-10pm daily

Date Est. 8/8/2014

ATMs on site


Muscle Melt CBD Topical
Body Buzz CBD Body Soak
Beauty Sleep CBD/CBN/THC Tincture 140mg
2:1 CBD/THC Water Tincture
5:1 CBD/THC Water Tincture
250mg Relief Tincture
CBD Serum 1000mg
3pk Chocolate Chip 1:1 CBD/THC Cookies
3pk Triple Chocolate 1:1 CBD/THC Cookies
3pk Snickerdoodle 1:1 CBD/THC Cookies

CBD Companion Tincture
CBD Melonberry Tincture
CBD Wintermint Tincture
1:1 CBD/THC Omrita/Blue Dream Cartridge .5g
10:1 CBD/THC Omrita/Bruce Banner Cartridge .5g
15:1 CBD/THC Omrita Cartridge .5g
Ac/Dc Cartridge .5g
FSO 10:1 CBD/THC Capsules 250mg
1:1 CBD Rejuvenate Capsules

Raven Grass
Ac/Dc 3.5g
Frida 1g, 3.5g
Golden Power Hour Pre-roll 3pk
Gilda Pre-roll 3pk
Frida Pre-rolls 3pk
Aloha Blend Concentrate 1g
Golden Power Hour Concentrate 1g
White Oasis Concentrate 1g
Scout’s Honor Concentrate 1g
Coconut Magic Frida Oil 100mg

New Day Cannabis
Pennywise 1g, 3.5g
Pennywise Pre-roll 2pk

Phat Panda
White Widow 4g
CBD Hard Candies 10mg, 100mg
CBD Sugars 10mg, 100mg
Boom Crack Pow CBD Crystalline 1g

Spot Edibles
Peppermint CBD Mints
Ginger CBD Mints

Dark Chocolate CBD Squares

Black Garlic Kush 7:1 CBD/THC 3.5g
Black Garlic Kush 7:1 CBD/THC Pre-roll

Bodhi High
Amazing Grace CBD Sap 1g
Northern Lights CBD Sap 1g
Old Toby CBD Sap 1g
Pennywise CBD Sap 1g
Skunk Haze CBD Shatter 1g
CBD Topical Salve

Harlequin CBD Cartridge .5g

420 Growers & Processors
LA Confidential CBD Wax 1g

Craft Elixirs
Blueberry Cheesecake Full Plant Extracts

Double Delicious
CBD Capsules 100mg

Henderson Distribution
Indica/CBD Tincture
Sativa/CBD Tincture
CBD Tincture

Klaritie Farms
CBD 2lb Pull N Snap .5g, 1g
CBD 2lb Wax .5g, 1g

Northwest Cannabis Solutions/Magic Kitchen
Milk Chocolate CBD KoKo Gems 10mg, 100mg

Marley Naturals
Critical Cure CBD 3.5g

20:1 CBD Lemongrass Zoot Rocks 100mg
CBD Variety Tin 100mg

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