Even with all the new product choice available these days, smokable flower – or bud – is still the most popular form factor on the market. There are so many different kinds (or strains) or flower on the market it would be impossible to describe all the options here. Inhalation of flower can be vaporized or smoked, so you need will need to purchase a device: pipe, waterpipe, vaporizer, etc. There are high-THC strains, high-CBD strains and everything in between. It’s best to talk with a Greenlight Approved retail specialist to find out the perfect option for you.

Select Low Potency Step

Start with Step 1 for one week and progress to Steps 2 & 3 until need is met.

Step 1; CBD dominant
10:1 ratio or above.
Step 2; CBD & THC
5:1 then 2:1 or 1:1
Step 3; THC Dominant
10 mg dose or less
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Canna-Tsu Flower

Canna-Tsu Flower

Canna-Tsu from Liberty Reach consistently boasts CBD to THC ratios north of 20:1, enshrining it among the highest tested CBD flower products in the nation. Our cultivators are proud to deliver a safe, enjoyable and relaxing CBD experience for all without compromising on taste or quality.

Potency: Contents: 3.5g 20% CBD | 1% THC

Step 1; CBD Dominant

Brand: Liberty Reach | Category: Flower

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