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Topicals are the go-to method for a wide range of cannabis consumers. Hard-core athletes and weekend warriors apply lotions or creams on their muscles after a workout. Older patients find balms and lotions effective for regular aches and pains. Patients suffering from fibromyalgia or skin ailments find relief using topicals. Most lotions, balms, etc. are rich in CBD and do not have any psychoactive effect; your epidermis (skin) does not convert THC into the psychoactive chemical in your body. If you do not want any euphoria and only seek relief, lotions are definitely worth trying.

Select Low Potency Step

Start with Step 1 for one week and progress to Steps 2 & 3 until need is met.

Step 1; CBD dominant
10:1 ratio or above.
Step 2; CBD & THC
5:1 then 2:1 or 1:1
Step 3; THC Dominant
10 mg dose or less
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The Root of It All™: REWIND

The Root of It All™: REWIND

Our REWIND ointment is made with a 1:3 ratio of our proprietary THC and CBD cannabis extracts. This CBD-heavy approach ensures fast, localized relief that doesn’t interfere with your day. Additionally, the Ayurvedic herbs augment the cannabis extracts with natural agents that soothe and comfort muscles and joints for optimum restoration. Infused with turmeric, black pepper and cloves.

Potency: 45mg THC / 135mg CBD | Single Strain Sativa Cannabis

Step 2; CBD & THC

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