In the old days, buying flower required you to roll your own joints. But in today’s legal marketplace, there are many brands that provide pre-rolled joints. Once again, the options are plentiful. There are single pre-rolls available or packs. Single pre-rolls provide an economical way to experiment with different flower types and brands before buying larger quantities. One thing to consider when purchasing pre-rolls: There is a wide spectrum of quality in this form factor. This is where a Greenlight Approved retail specialist can really help. Ask for the best quality ingredients – you get what you pay for! But the convenience and portability of pre-rolls make this a wonderful option for those who prefer inhalation as a method.

Select Low Potency Step

Start with Step 1 for one week and progress to Steps 2 & 3 until need is met.

Step 1; CBD dominant
10:1 ratio or above.
Step 2; CBD & THC
5:1 then 2:1 or 1:1
Step 3; THC Dominant
10 mg dose or less
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Canna-Tsu Pre-Roll

Canna-Tsu from Liberty Reach consistently boasts CBD to THC ratios north of 20:1, enshrining it among the highest tested CBD flower products in the nation. Our cultivators are proud to deliver a safe, enjoyable and relaxing CBD experience for all without compromising on taste or quality.

Potency: 0.5g 20%+ CBD | 1% THC

Step 1; CBD Dominant

Brand: Liberty Reach | Category: Pre-Rolls

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