Tankers typically come in a syringe-like device to help meter the dosage and usually contain a full spectrum dense oil. Tankers are popular among people who need powerful high-dose medication. The oil in tankers are very thick and dense. Typically, the dose is about the size of a single grain of rice. The taste of these products are often a bit unpalatable, so most patients incorporate food (crackers, toast, etc.) with the dose. While tankers can contain heavy doses of THC, there are plenty of options for those seeking a high CBD solution.

Select Low Potency Step

Start with Step 1 for one week and progress to Steps 2 & 3 until need is met.

Step 1; CBD dominant
10:1 ratio or above.
Step 2; CBD & THC
5:1 then 2:1 or 1:1
Step 3; THC Dominant
10 mg dose or less
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RSO+GO CBD Tanker Dispenser – Canna-Tsu

The RSO+GO Dispenser serves up the most natural and pure full spectrum cannabis oil available. Our glass tankers provide precision dosing in a variety of activated cannabinoid ratios that are free from C02/Butane, as nature intended. Versatile consumption method with oral being the suggested option.

Potency: 1g - 40-60% CBD / 20-40% THC

Step 2; CBD & THC

Brand: Liberty Reach | Category: Tankers

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