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Rest easy. Thanks to research, we know that you might have some trouble sleeping, since one in three Americans struggle with sleep. And we’re here to offer a more natural solution.

One in three Americans toss and turn and stare at the ceiling each night, struggling to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep.

More and more, problem sleepers are reaching for a different solution: cannabis. A study conducted in September 2017 revealed that nearly half of all cannabis consumers (47 percent) use it primarily as a sleep aid. Research is ongoing, but early studies show that cannabis can improve the duration and quality of sleep. A 1973 study suggests that cannabis reduces the amount of time it takes those with insomnia to fall asleep. Another study found that regular cannabis users fell asleep faster.

But before you try cannabis to help you sleep, there are a few things you need to know. It’s important to go to a Greenlight Approved retail partner who can help you find the product that works for you.

Start low and go slow

Most cannabis consumers report that lower doses provide the best sleep. This is especially true if you are treating a secondary condition such as pain, PTSD or spasticity issues. An excessive amount of cannabis may put you to sleep, but you may experience difficulty staying asleep or an adverse effect on sleep patterns.

The best advice is to start with a low dose and go slow. Listen to your body and conduct a few little trials. And let a Greenlight Approved retail partner guide you through the options.

Indica and Sativa

In the most basic terms, there are two main categories of cannabis: Indica and Sativa. However, as growing techniques get more sophisticated, cannabis can also be called a “hybrid,” meaning it will contain both.

When it comes to sleep, look for cannabis that has a higher percentage of Indica, which is more effective in relaxing your body. Sativa, on the other hand, provides a more upbeat experience.

Don’t get too bogged down with this information. Once again, a Greenlight Approved retail partner will help you find what you will need. Remember: Most cannabis consumers are like you and are looking for a good night’s sleep.


Cannabis contains more than 100 chemical compounds called cannabinoids, but there are only two that you need to really know about: CBD and THC. These two cannabinoids affect your mind and body in different ways, but both are essential to a good night’s sleep.

THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that provides the euphoric or intoxicating “high” effect. THC is also the component that will help you fall asleep. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that will help you stay asleep. If your specific problem is falling asleep, cannabis slightly higher in THC may be best for you. If your problem is tossing and turning during the night, you may want to try CBD-dominant cannabis. Talk it over with a Greenlight Approved retail partner and find what is right for you.

Empty bed

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that affects 25 percent of men and 9 percent of women. The sleeping disorder interrupts breathing during sleep because of a lack of oxygen traveling to the brain.

Studies suggest that THC is helpful in combatting sleep apnea by stabilizing breathing and preventing excessive interruptions. Your sleeping partner may also benefit because it may decrease snoring.



Now that you know the basics, it’s time to decide the best way to consume cannabis. There are various methods you can try, and it really depends on personal preference. The best way to choose is to discuss your situation with a Greenlight Approved retail partner. And remember: Start low (dose) and go slow. The goal is to fall asleep.

Here are a few methods that most cannabis consumers find effective:

There are a lot of advantages to vaporization: It’s discreet and fast-acting, and produces no smoke or odor.

Your Greenlight Approved retail partner will have a wide variety of vaporizers for you to try. The ubiquitous cartridge-based vape pen is a great option for beginners because of its simplicity and relatively low cost. The vape pen allows you to try different cartridges filled with cannabis oil. Keep the device near your bed in the evening.

If you are not averse to smoking, this method works quickly and effectively. For many people with trouble sleeping, a few puffs of cannabis before bedtime is all they need for a restful night. Others prefer having a pipe filled with cannabis and taking a few puffs.

More people with sleep issues are turning to edibles as a way to get a solid night’s sleep. Eating cannabis certainly has some advantages, but there are two things to understand before going this route: There is a delayed reaction, and figuring out the correct dosage requires a little trial and error.

Because edibles need to be processed through your digestive system, you will not feel the effect until about 45 to 90 minutes after eating. Plan ahead and be patient. And as for the dosage, once again start low and go slow. For most newcomers, a typical pre-packaged dose of 5-10 milligrams of THC will do the trick. Your Greenlight Approved retail partner will help you with the options.

Although edibles may require more time to take effect, they also stay in your system longer – up to eight hours for a typical dose. So, for those with difficulty staying asleep, this may be a smart option.

Tinctures are a great way to medicate for many conditions, including sleep problems. Tinctures are typically alcohol- or glycerine-based options that come in small bottles with an eyedropper.

Simply fill the dropper with a few drops of tincture (a full dropper is typically a 10-mg dose) and place it under your tongue. Keep it in your mouth a few seconds before swallowing. The THC is absorbed in the blood vessels lining your mouth. This method is fairly fast-acting and is an excellent way to ensure the proper dose each night.

There are a wide variety of tinctures available with different ratios of THC and CBD. Your Greenlight Approved retail partner will help you figure out what is the best ratio for you.

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