The Pause That Refreshes: How to Take a ‘Tolerance Holiday’

If you become a regular consumer of cannabis, you may notice that your tolerance to marijuana will gradually change. After a while, you may find that the desired effect is more difficult to achieve – even after adjusting the dose. If that happens to you, consider it a good time for you to take a “Tolerance Holiday.”

THC Tolerance Build up

Tolerance Holidays, also known as T-breaks, are recommended for many reasons. Most long-term consumers of cannabis report that refraining from the herb for an extended period allows your body and mind to re-calibrate. This is needed occasionally as your body will slowly develop a higher tolerance for THC, the active narcotic cannabinoid in Cannabis, over the course of time.

Here’s what you should know about taking a Tolerance Holiday:

Do I really need to take one?

Listen to what your brain and body are saying to you. Be honest with yourself on what you are trying to achieve with cannabis. Most experienced consumers will tell you that your relationship with the herb will benefit from a break now and then.

If you have been using cannabis for a prolonged period, your system becomes desensitized to its psychoactive effects. When you constantly put THC in your body, the receptors that bind to it become compromised.

Think of it as giving your receptors a chance to recuperate. Why overtax them? Taking a T-break will also to reflect on why you consume in the first place. Is it a mindful, positive experience? Does it provide a new perspective? Does it make music sound better? Food taste better? Muscles ache less? A good night’s sleep better? If you find that your experiences are no longer as positive or euphoric, it’s probably time for a break.

Can’t I just cut back on my consumption?

The “just-use-less” method certainly will help, but your receptors are still being activated on a semi-regular basis. Many cannabis enthusiasts prefer this halfway approach and it works for some. If you consume more than once a day, consider limiting it to just at the end of the evening. Or if you use it as a sleep aid, consider opting for melatonin for a few weeks as a replacement.

How long should I refrain from using?

Everybody is different. But taking a break for one or two days just won’t cut it. Most experienced T-breakers will tell you that two weeks is a wise minimum. Your receptors will certainly be well rested if you refrain from using cannabis for a month.

THC can remain in your system for 30 days. Allowing the cannabinoid to flush through your system will do your body good. And your next session should be memorable.

What about patients who use it as a treatment?

This is a bit tricky. If you are using cannabis as medicine, it is smart to consult with the physician who recommended it. If you are currently using it as an aid in chemotherapy, PTSD, pain relief or any other serious ailment, it is paramount that you balance the need to medicate with the desire to lower your tolerance.

Cannabis T-break recommended for recreational users

If you are more of a recreational user (and you know who you are), it’s smart to take a T-break. If you use cannabis as a physical or emotional crutch, it is recommended you have a talk with a doctor.

Will the T-break have any negative effects?

Some taking a tolerance holiday may show symptoms of irritability, moodiness or other signs of withdrawal. Have you ever been around someone who quit smoking caffeine? It’s similar to that, but typically less severe. And remember: The reason you are taking the T-break is to keep your mind and body in balance.

The best advice is to stay active. Go for long walks or to the gym. Releasing endorphins may assist in preventing or lessening the negative effects.

Bonus! You’ll save a few bucks

Here is a silver lining: If you take a protracted break from cannabis, you’ll be saving yourself a chunk of change. And who couldn’t use a few extra bucks in the bank account?

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